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About us

Handy Andy Services is a premier Construction, Remodeling, Landscape & Maintenance company providing services to Residential & Commercial customers in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. As a locally owned, minority and woman owned business, we are focused on delivering superior service and the highest quality craftsmanship on every project undertaken.

Handy Andy Services works to partner with our Clients and Home Owners by building long term relationships driven by a fundamental approach to providing value added services, delivering innovative solutions that achieve customer’s needs and ensuring Return on Investment. Our informed professionals provide client’s multiple options while effectively guiding them on cost effective decisions.

Mission Statement

To be the trusted provider of cost-effective Quality Products and Services for all our client’s Construction, Remodeling, Landscaping and Repair needs while consistently ensuring maximum customer delight.

Handy Andy Services is a minority owned small business that is anchored on Biblical principles and is focused on transparency, integrity and kindness to all while serving our customers with diligence and honesty.

Handy Andy Commitment

  • Deliver consistently superior quality products & services
  • Competitively Priced services that offer value
  • Courtesy & Professionalism in all dealings with Customers, contractors, and vendors
  • Utilization of Green & Clean Technology to support the environment
  • On-time Delivery for all appointments and projects undertaken
  • Ensuring that clients are always kept informed during the project delivery lifecycle
  • Delivering enhanced customer experience as the normal

Handy Andy Core Values:

  • Integrity and Honesty in all dealings & communications
  • Respect for people and opinions
  • Striving for Optimal Quality & Excellence
  • Your Trusted Partner

Handy Andy Services is committed to using green technologies where possible and minimizing waste. Effective utilization of materials and smart choices helps the customer, society and environment promising a better future to the next generation.

Environmental Benefits:

  • Enhance and protect ecosystems
  • Improve air and water quality
  • Reduce solid waste
  • Conserve natural resources

Economic Benefits:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Enhance asset value and profits
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Optimize life-cycle economic performance

Health & Community Benefits:

  • Improve air & thermal environments
  • Enhance occupant comfort and health
  • Minimize strain on local infrastructure
  • Contribute to overall quality of life

Handy Andy Services is committed to providing the client the best experience for every project undertaken. Whether it is a minor repair or a small bath remodeling project to a large scale construction effort, Handy Andy Services utilizes proven methods to execute the process while ensuring the client is kept informed on status, the crew is working to schedule, the budget is managed effectively and the project is meeting all quality criteria. This simplistic project flow is outlined below:

  • Receive a client request for work/ project
  • Meet client and perform estimate
  • Email estimate
  • Receive contract approval
  • Scope logistics & confirm project window
  • Schedule date/time for project
  • Schedule materials delivery
  • Initial walkthrough with client & construction specialist
  • Begin work, provide supervision
  • Periodic walkthrough with client
  • Complete all work
  • Wrap-up project
  • Cleanup jobsite, Request references
  • Receive contractual payments, Invoice

Consistent with our ability to deliver value added services that are cost effective and of the highest quality, Handy Andy Services ensures that all payments and receivables from clients are met per the signed contract. This helps the company make timely payments to vendors, sub-contractors and laborers while having a crew that is fully focused on delivering quality.

Payments for projects are driven by size of projects. Payments are accepted in Cash, Check and creditcard. Check payments are made to Handy Andy Services. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that check payments can be deposited and will be fulfilled. Failed checks will incur a penalty that will be added to the project invoice for collection. Various project types and payments are:

Minor Projects: Projects valued at less than $1000 are typically executed on approval of contract or electronic signoff with no initial downpayment needed. Projects of this size usually complete in no more than 2 days. Complete payment is required at completion of project.

Small Projects: Projects that fall at or under the $3000 total cost are typically small projects like concrete patios, room remodeling, decks and similar jobs. Such projects require a 50% downpayment at contract approval or 3 days prior to start of project and the remainder 50% due at completion.

Medium Projects: These projects are typically remodeling projects with a total job cost under $10,000. Such projects will have payments schedules of 35% at contract approval, 35% at 50% completion, 25% at completion, remainder 5% after final walkthrough and project closure.

Large Projects: Projects that fall in this category are large construction projects like basement completion, home extension, commercial construction and house remodeling. Payments on these projects are made prior to entering a new building phase and the details of payments are inked out in the contract.

Handy Andy Services serves both commercial and residential customers in the Greater Charlotte metropolitan area of North Carolina. Handy Andy Customers are typically:

  • Single-Family Home Owners
  • Condo/ Townhouse Owners
  • Property Management Companies
  • Commercial & Retail Owners
  • Real Estate Investors & Builders
  • Insurance Companies
  • Small Business Owners

Our client base is located in the following areas:

  • Charlotte Uptown
  • Charlotte
  • Huntersville
  • Davidson
  • Concord
  • Denver
  • Mooresville
  • Kannapolis
  • South Charlotte
  • University City
  • Harrisburg
  • Mount Holly
  • Gastonia
  • Lake Norman area
  • Lake Wylie and
  • Surrounding areas