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Hardwood Refinishing from Handy Andy Services

For superior quality and professional hardwood flooring installation or hardwood refinishing and home remodeling and renovation services, look no farther than to Handy Andy Services to meet these needs.

Hardwood refinishing is a process of revitalizing your old and worn out floors giving them new life and a better than new look. Most hardwood floors are made of oak, but despite the durable nature of this wood, it only looks as good as the surface finish. Water stains, scratches, dullness and whole areas are an indication that it is time to refinish the floors.

Refinishing floors is a 3 – 5 day process depending on the extent of floors to be refinished and may require that no access to this area happens during the refinishing process so as to ensure optimal end results and prevent any damage to the finish.
The process is simple and needs to be performed by qualified hardwood floor refinishers who have extensive experience with the process. The following are the steps to refinish:
1. Prep work – The homeowner is required to remove and move out all furniture. It is also recommended that they cover up all vents, ducts, cabinets etc to minimize cleanup from dust that will be spewn all over.
2. Sanding – This step is a multi-step process where the refinisher will remove all quarter round/shoe mold and start sanding the wood to the bare wood state. This sanding involves multiple sanders and sanding paper to go from a rough sand to a relatively smooth finish.
3. Staining – This step involves the staining of the bare hardwoods. The refinisher will confirm the color by providing multiple color choices to the homeowner (when trying to match) or the actual color choice made. Once the stain is confirmed, the refinisher will stain the floor and let it dry.
4. Polyurethane coat 1 – This is the first step of applying polyurethane and after application will require one day to dry.
5. Polyurethane coat 2 & 3 – Depending on the price, you will definitely have a 2nd coat but may not have a 3rd coat. Negotiate with the refinisher as 3 coats is always better. Between coats, the refinisher will lightly sand and then apply the polyurethane coat.

Let your hardwoods dry thoroughly before any foot traffic on the floor. It is recommended to stay away minimally from 1 – 3 days to help the stain and polyurethane cure.

Handy Andy Services can help you with all your flooring needs including hardwoods, tile and vinyl flooring. Handy Andy Services has been providing superior quality home renovation and home remodeling services to clients in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas including Myers Park, Cornelius, Concord, Huntersville, Lake Norman, Dilworth, Waxhaw, Fort Mill, Lake Wylie, Ballantyne, South Park, Waxhaw, Weddington and Marvin. You can confidently opt for the best hardwood refinishing, flooring and home renovation with Handy Andy Services, a provider that can deliver and exceed your expectations.

5 High Value Remodeling Options in Charlotte NC

Handy Andy Remodeling

Summary: Making the right choices on high impact remodeling projects can significantly increase your home value while ensuring you experience and enjoy quality improvements.

As you step in to the New Year, the thoughts of spring and summer and spending quality time at home either indoors or outdoors is natural. Home renovation and improvement projects start running through your mind and the need to make decisions is addicting. However, as a home owner it is imperative you step back and evaluate some key basic decision thoughts that will enable these projects. Here are some basic questions to ponder:

  • What is my budget? How much am I willing to spend??
  • What will give my home the best bang for the buck?
  • How can our family enjoy these improvements?
  • Will the improvements increase the value of the home?
  • Does it increase curb appeal?

Your decision on specific projects can depend on the answers to one or all of the above questions. You do not necessarily have to answer yes to all of the above but having a realistic budget is critical.

Now that you have reached this point and have decided to proceed with some home improvement and home renovation, below are five high impact projects you can undertake that will definitely add value to your home and have you enjoy the improvement.

  1. Interior or Exterior Painting: Freshen up your home and give it a new look. Painting inside or outside is a huge improvement that freshens and brightens up your home. Choose colors that are soft, flow well from room to room and tie in with accessories, furniture and architecture. Exterior painting should address shutters, front door, deck and trim utilizing vibrant colors.
  2. Bathroom Remodeling: An easy improvement that can add significant value to the home is an upgrade of one or more bathrooms or the powder room. From a simple improvement that involves updated vanities or a shower redo, tub upgrade to a freestanding tub, upgraded tiling to a complete bathroom redo; a bath remodel is definitely a must improvement on your list of to-do’s. Handy Andy Services is your premier bathroom remodeling contractor
  3. Flooring Updates: High impact, significant visibility and easy improvement is achieved by addressing flooring needs. From refinishing your hardwoods or installing new hardwoods, tiling your kitchen or bathroom floors or installing quality carpet in the bedrooms; these are easy decision improvements any homeowner will enjoy for the duration of their stay in the house.
  4. Fixtures and hardware upgrade: If your home is an older home and is dated or not reflecting consistency in current trends, the fastest and highly recommended improvement is upgrading your fixtures and hardware around the house. Choosing quality light fixtures for the bathrooms, breakfast and dining area; selecting coordinating hardware to blend well with modern looks; and interior paint colors and accessories can all definitely boost and enhance your home value with minimal impact to your budget.
  5. Exterior Entertainment upgrades: This category of improvement is a high impact, high utility option that gives any homeowner the best return on investment. From installing a paver patio with a sitting wall, firepit, outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen, pergola, screened porch, expansive deck, landscaping, walkways or a combination of the above are all great options to have completed.

Handy Andy Services has been providing superior quality home renovation and home remodeling services, interior and exterior Painting services, Flooring installation services and Handyman services to clients in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas including Myers Park, Cornelius, Concord, Huntersville, Lake Norman, Dilworth, Waxhaw, Fort Mill, Lake Wylie, Ballantyne, South Park, Weddington and Marvin. You can be assured of quality home remodeling and home renovation with Handy Andy Services, a provider that will exceed your expectations.