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House Preparation Checklist for Winter

Handy Andy Winter

Winter is a wonderful time to cozy up and spend indoors on those cold wintry days. When temperatures drop and we are about our work and activities, homeowners and individuals focus on their personal needs such as jackets, scarfs, gloves, shoes and food to address the ‘keeping warm and comfortable” aspects. But how often do homeowners look at the finer details and efficiencies of their home, the most important object that actually will keep you warm and comfortable. It is imperative that homeowners have a checklist of items to manage and maintain each year as they welcome fall and winter. Here is a recommended list of items to consider:

  1. Keep drafts to a minimum by checking and replacing weather-stripping around all entry points and doors. Check your windows for a tight close and install seals around windows. If drafts are excessive consider updating your windows or getting licensed professionals to address these issues.
  2. Have your roofing contractor check out roofs for shingles damage and any repairs that may be needed. Roof leaks are slow and impacts may not be seen for years.
  3. Observe your gutters and ensure they are performing efficiently. Gutters that have pulled away from the fascia, damaged downspouts or gutters, leaky joints and poor designs can result in leaks and water penetration when you have ice storms, snow or heavy rains.
  4. Check that all pipes and ducts entering into the house are sealed and caulked leaving no opening for air penetration.
  5. Winterize your irrigation system if you have one.
  6. Drain all external faucets and use faucet guards. Protect any pipes that are exterior to the house. Make sure your crawlspace is secure and not open to the elements.
  7. Have your chimney checked and cleaned. For gas fireplaces at homes, have your HVAC personnel checkout functioning of your fireplace. Have your Heating/furnace system inspected and maintained as needed by a licensed professional.
  8. Check all interior plumbing and faucets for drips and leaks and fix them. Have all members of the house get familiar with the main house water shutoff and shutoffs for faucets, toilets washing machine and dish washer.
  9. Validate that all CO (carbon monoxide) and smoke detectors are functioning. Replace batteries if needed.
  10. Do not run ventless fireplaces for extended periods of time as they use the oxygen from indoors and throw out carbon dioxide. Refresh the air indoors by opening a window for a short time.
  11. Cut down and cut back overhanging branches or tree limbs that can potentially snap in an ice storm and cause damage to the home.

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