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No, Handy Andy Services is not a franchise. It is a privately held business operating under the parent company Innomax Inc.

No, Handy Andy Services is a remodeling, landscape and maintenance company that provides services to residential and commercial customers in the Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. However, the company does provides maintenance services that are likened to handyman services but of a higher quality and pricing.

Handy Andy Services operates primarily in the Charlotte area – uptown and surrounding areas in the city of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Additionally, we also provide services to customers in Huntersville, Concord, Cornelius, Mooresville, Denver, Troutman, Statesville, Mount Holly, Lake Norman Area, Mt. Island Lake area, Lake Wylie, Waxhaw, Weddington, Marvin, Matthews, Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Mint Hill and other areas in between. On occasion, we will address projects of a larger nature for clients in Taylorsville, Hickory, Lincolnton, Atlanta and Raleigh.

No, at this time, Handy Andy Services only accepts cash and checks as the form of payment. Credit card payments will be introduced shortly.

Handy Andy Services provides free estimates. Where possible and for smaller and easy to ascertain jobs, estimates can be done via pictures emailed and rough pricing communicated. From the receipt of a call, estimates are scheduled with 1 – 3 days depending on the customer’s location and their availability. Estimates are done on weekdays preferably in the mornings. To accommodate customer’s schedules, appointments will be made on weekends and after hours. Estimate are always sent electronically and no later than 2 -3 days from the date of visit.

Once a customer receives an electronic estimate, they will respond back with their approval or changes. Once the final contract approval has been received, the job or series of projects will be scheduled always with the client’s availability in mind and scheduling with the intent of efficient execution and quick turnaround. The work begins on schedule and completes as previously determined. The customer is always informed and kept in the loop on a daily basis until the project(s) are completed and validated. Weather related and material delivery delays can impact schedules.

Handy Andy Services will requires a 50% deposit at approval of contract. Smaller projects of cost less than $5000 will have the final payment at completion of the project. Larger projects with many sub-streams will have intermediate draws or payments due as determined in the contract.

If a project is underway and the customer chooses to add scope or change the details of a project, the impact and cost is communicated and will be invoiced in the final invoice.  These impact of the changes will be communicated to the customer and work will continue if approved. Delays can occur due to material changes or scope changes that require architectural or county inspections.

The customer can cancel the contract if work has not started but will incur charges for material re-inventory, delivery charges and other costs that Handy Andy Services has incurred in facilitating the project to this stage. If the project is underway, the same will apply and there will be costs charged back to the customer for material return or waste and other labor and project management costs incurred by Handy Andy Services. The customer is responsible for the details requested and documented in the contract. In the event, there is no costs incurred to Handy Andy Services other than administrative time spent, the company as a courtesy may choose to reimburse the project deposit to the customer.

The customer is required to check all warranty that is clearly documented in the contract. Warranty is workmanship only and covers the duration specified and not the materials. Product warranty is covered by the manufacturer and is the customer’s responsibility to pursue independently of Handy Andy Services. Typical warranty for new construction is one year workmanship warranty. Drywall, painting and staining do not have ant warranty included.

If a client is not happy with any aspect of the workmanship or products used by Handy Andy Services, it is imperative they bring it to the notice of Handy Andy Services immediately and not after the job is complete. Handy Andy Services personnel will always work with customers to ensure that the project work is of superior quality, being executed in a timely manner and meets industry standards of any comparable quality contractor.

Handy Andy Services is a subsidiary of Innomax Inc that is incorporated in the state of NC. The company is insured but not bonded. Handy Andy Services does not hold a customer responsible for any injury suffered by its personnel on their property for their own individual negligence. Customers re required to secure all their personal items of value including personnel, family members, or pets and any loss, damages, or injuries occurring when Handy Andy Services personnel are working on the property is the responsibility of the customer.

Handy Andy Services undertakes all work clearly stating that any furniture move is the customer’s responsibility. If Handy Andy Services does move furniture around to accomplish the job, this is a courtesy and the company is not liable for any damages that may occur as a result. It should be noted that Handy Andy Services personnel will respect the customer’s personal goods and furniture and make every effort to keep them free from damage.

Always call Handy Andy Services at 704.737.3608 and this will guarantee a quick or immediate response. Alternatively, you can text your request to the number, visit the website and send a request via the contact us webpage/window or email us at Customers can also call 704.827.1109 as an alternate number.