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We serve clients in Greater Charlotte, NC and all surrounding locations including Myers Park, Dilworth and Ballantyne.

For all your woodwork and carpentry needs, Handy Andy Service professionals will provide you the best quality workmanship in a timely manner utilizing quality material and lumber. Whether it is new construction, room additions, upgrades or just maintenance and repairs; our qualified technicians will quickly assess and provide optimal solutions. Utilizing concrete or composite trim, pressure treated lumber, primed wood or PVC, we will always aim to address the issue or project while ensuring competitive pricing within our customer's budget. As a company, we will never sub-optimize or utilize inferior material or shortcut processes. Carpentry work is fundamental and foundational and requires utmost importance, skills and quality materials and Handy Andy Services is consistent about these factors in the delivery process.

Quality Carpentry services are fundamental and homeowners need to understand the benefits:
  1. Structural elements - Quality carpentry work is foundational and provide solid and robust structural quality that meet and excel code requirements. When built right these structures' decks, pergolas, screened porches, general framing of homes and additions can stand the test of adverse environmental conditions and severe weather.
  2. Quality & Aesthetic elements - Enhancing the look of your house throughout or in specific rooms utilizing crown molding, quality trim work, upgraded flooring and exclusive cabinetry and shelving can significantly add value to your home while being your neighbors and friends source of envy.
  3. Home Differentiator - Enhanced and quality carpentry will make your home stand out from others on the street or in the neighborhood that are priced in the same quadrant. Quality work sells your home with no advertising needed.
Handy Andy Services is truly your one stop shop for all large and small carpentry repair and installation projects including:
  1. Framing for room reconfigurations, Bathroom Closets and room additions
  2. Pergolas, Arbors and Gazebos, screened porches
  3. Woodrot repair, replacing boxing and exterior trim
  4. Decks & deck additions
  5. Metal wrapped exterior trim
  6. Molding and Trim, Baseboards
  7. Entertainment Centers, Custom Display Cabinets & shelves
  8. Addressing sub-floor issues, joists & header damage
  9. Garage and Attic storage
  10. Hardwood Floors
  11. Columns
  12. Stairs and Stair Rails
  13. Door & Window Installs
  14. Paneling
  15. And Much More

Carving out room space from existing structures requires framing and potentially insulation. Our professional technicians will determine structural requirements and build out walls to carve out rooms and closet space if needed. All framing will be done to code and will not compromise the structural integrity of the home. Building storage space in the attic, garage or mechanical room is a service we provide.

Trust Handy Andy Services to complete projects around your home professionally, accurately and timely!