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Exterior Remodeling

We serve clients in Greater Charlotte, NC and all surrounding locations including Myers Park, Dilworth and Ballantyne.  

Handy Andy Services provide customers a wide array of Fence installation options at competitive prices without compromising quality & workmanship. Our Fence professionals will install the fence of your choice while ensuring quality materials & workmanship. Fences are typically:

  1. Vinyl fences
  2. Wood fences – Picket, privacy, arched, shadowbox, custom
  3. Aluminum & wrought Iron
Having a fence can be a major decision for a homeowner or any property owner. It is important to understand how a fence can add significant benefits to your property. Most often and depending on demographics and property location; fences enhance, delineate, secure and add increased value depending on the fence type. The value of fence is clearly understandable and they are found at both residential and commercial locations. Some simple benefits are listed below:
  • Delineate : Define a property boundary line and let others know where to stop Define a property boundary line and let others know where to stop
  • Security : Fences provide an automatic feeling of security and privacy to homeowners and all institutions that utilize fences.
  • Noise & Privacy : Fences cut off traffic noise but also provide privacy to residents from neighbors, passersby and onlookers.
  • Decorative & Value : A quality fence can add significant beauty to a well landscaped and beautiful house making it standout. Property value and resale value are maintained or heightened with a fence.

The disadvantage to a fence is the maintenance aspect and associated maintenance cost. It is important to property owners to assess maintenance costs and fence requirements when considering the choice of a fence that works well for their needs.

Call Handy Andy Services and see how we can help you with your Fence needs.