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We serve clients in Greater Charlotte, NC and all surrounding locations including Myers Park, Dilworth and Ballantyne.

When it comes time to renovating or enhancing your new or existing home the biggest decision to make is what type of flooring to use. The choices are plenty and Handy Andy Services provides clients various flooring options that include hardwoods, tiles, carpet and marble. Our Flooring specialist will meet up with you and understand your needs, options & colors. The specialist will work with the client providing multiple samples of flooring in various styles and colors to best match interior decor and client needs. The Flooring Specialist will explain pros and cons of each option and provide the client unbiased technical views to guide them in the decision making process.

The most common choices homeowners make is hardwood flooring for formal areas, tile flooring for kitchen and bathrooms and carpet for bedrooms. Commercial clients choose from a combination of high traffic carpets, tile, hardwood and PVC tiles.

Industry reports rank flooring needs based on utility and room type. In general, top ranking is:

  1. Tile and marble flooring
  2. Hardwoods, engineered floors and wood
  3. Carpet flooring
  4. Vinyl, PVC and synthetic flooring
Quality flooring like tile and hardwoods and superior carpets provide the following benefits:
  1. Last a long time - Tile and engineered flooring are known to have a harder, durable surface. They are resilient and can withstand significant traffic if cared for properly.nment pollution, being prudent is truly an advantage for future generations.
  2. Great Return-on-Investment - Given the initial spend, the quality looks, minimal maintenance and ability to show well after years, the ROI on this project is a no-brainer.nment pollution, being prudent is truly an advantage for future generations.
  3. Variety of options - Current tiling and hardwood trends are so varied, dynamic and breathtaking. Utilizing quality tiles and hardwoods and enhancing the design with borders, inlays and colors can effectively drown your creative juices.
  4. Healthy and environmentally safe -Tiles are by far the safest for home use as they help preserve indoor air quality. Besides having zero VOC's (volatile organic compounds) that are responsible for health issues, tiles leave a minimal environmental and carbon footprint. Hardwoods and carpets each have their own specific locational advantages and are suited for certain rooms, but in these times of environment pollution, being prudent is truly an advantage for future generations.